Unspoilt Beauty and Majestic Beasts: South Africa’s Kruger Park

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If you’ve ever craved the excitement and luxury of an authentic African safari, the Kruger Park is sure to have pinged your radar. The perfect destination for any nature lover keen to encounter the true beauty of Africa and her wilds, this can’t-miss destination has to be experienced to be believed- and you can’t afford to miss out.

The dazzling expanse of the Kruger is one of the largest reserves in Africa- and possibly it’s most famous. Straddling the South African provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in all it’s majesty, the park area was first protected in 1898, officially becoming South Africa’s first national park in 1926. Today, it occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of Africans and foreigners alike, and is even recognised as an area of special notice by UNESCO.

There’s little wonder, given that it’s home to the infamous ‘Big 5’ of lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and endangered rhino as well as a truly staggering diversity of plant, animal and bird life. Nowhere else can you experience the sheer diversity of Africa’s wildlife so up close and personal. It’s also widely considered one of the best run and most welcoming parks not only in Africa, but in the world.

Easily accessible to all visitors, day and overnight alike, the modern Kruger Park is bolstered by an intricate network of private reserves offering guests luxury for any budget. Simply explore mtbeds’ site a little to see the range of options open to you.

There’s even beaches reasonably close by if you’re keen to add a little lounging time to your safari experience. Golf enthusiasts can also add the world class Leopard Creek course to their itinerary. From helicopter flights and hot air ballooning to open-vehicle drives and nature walks, there’s no shortage of thrills awaiting the Kruger visitor. Be sure to pack your camera for unforgettable wildlife shots you’ll find nowhere else! The entire area is jampacked with a host of exciting historical, cultural and adventure activities to help keep you on your toes and your adrenaline pumping.

The Kruger doesn’t really have an on and off season like most parks, either. With a hot, subtropical climate the cooler winter months bring teeming wildlife near the watering points while spring and summer see new life in the packs, prides and herds as well as a magnificent display of summer migrant birds. No matter when you visit, you’re sure to take home an unforgettable experience.

If you’re keen to explore this beautiful corner of Africa in a little more depth, consider heading to ‘the place of the stars’, Manyeleti Game Reserve. Lying on the very border of the Kruger, Manyeleti offers a pristine, off-the-tourist-track experience perfect for romantic couples and families alike.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the true thrill of safari, the Kruger is an essential experience you simply cannot miss.

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