Exciting new Eco tour!

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E-bikes - an Exciting new Eco tour!

The ocean breeze rustles your hair as you watch the tar skid beneath two bouncy wheels.  The sun warms your face as you climb to the top of Signal Hill, the city of Cape Town spilling out below you like a multicoloured tapestry… 

Sounds like a lot of work...

Exploring by bike is nothing new.  For years, travellers have been able to tour around on 2-wheels, enjoying a slower pace and really taking the time to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and smells of a destination. 


The future of bike tour

E-Bike Cape Town is perhaps the most exciting new eco-friendly way to enjoy the Mother City and surrounds.  Although e-bikes look just like regular bicycles, they are equipped with a rechargeable battery which turns the ol’ pedaller into something of a quasi-motorbike.  Yes, there are pedals, and turning them does increase the range of the bike, but you can enjoy tours around the city and winelands without cranking them around even once!

A guided e-bike tour features all the pros of a regular bike tour - informative commentary, spectacular scenery and getting up-close and personal with the historical and cultural attractions, with none of the cons - being available only to fitness freaks who are ok willing to endure some serious huffing and puffing.  Each bike can be calibrated to accommodate the fitness level (or lack therefore) of each cyclist, making it easy to keep up with the group and soak up the vibe without breaking a sweat!


A bike and tour for every taste!


A range of tours cover the most popular areas of the Cape, from jaunts around the Mother City and the breathtaking vistas of Chapman's Peak Drive to the more delicious trips around the winelands and wildlife encounters in one of the nearby Nature Reserves. 

So next time you find yourself in Cape Town, why not let the bike do all the work as you kick back and enjoy your beautiful surrounds from the saddle!

Need more info?  Want to book?  Contact Mtbeds to include an E-bike tour in your next Cape Town getaway!

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