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Archives / 2019 / July
  • Safari Kids

    This was supposed to be an amazing family holiday, but it’s only day 1 and the kids are already driving you crazy!

    Don’t stress - Mtbeds has got you covered!

    Although the African bush is an amazing place to discover with your children, we know how hard it is to keep them out of mischief 24/7. That’s why here at Mtbeds, we highly recommend lodges that have a range of fun and … » read more

  • Holiday decisions made easy with MTBeds

    Scenic, towering mountains or warm, salty ocean currents? Big Five game-viewing or a buzzing city vibe? Luxury spa treatments or relaxing fireside G&T’s?

    Choices are hard. When it comes to booking your well-deserved getaway, they don’t get much easier.

    Take the stress out of your holiday

    Whether you’re looking for a local favourite such as Cape Town or Kruger Park or … » read more

  • Real Experiences. Real Deals. Now in Realtime!


    Without it we wouldn’t be able to stream our favourite binge-worthy shows, the convenience of chatting face-to-face with someone on the other side of the world or stocking our wardrobes with the latest trends without having to leave the comfort of the sofa.

    We’re so connected that the world seems to be spinning faster than ever. And that can take its toll on our stress … » read more