Africa from a Different View: The Beautiful Pilanesberg

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The Pilanesberg protected area of South Africa nestles in the foothills of the Pilanesberg mountains, a short distance north-west of the political capital, Pretoria. Unspoilt beauty, exciting adventures and bountiful game are the order of the day for the explorer who ventures here- and if you’d like to see a different side of Africa, that most definitely should be you!

The Pilanesberg National Park was formed from the crater of a long-dead volcano, one of the largest volcanic complexes of it’s kind in the world. The crater itself is fringed by 3 concentric ridges of hills, and this ancient area is unique both in geological and historical terms, commonly called one of the world’s most outstanding geological phenomena. Visitors can experience the park’s ancient nature for themselves, exploring some of the many Stone and Iron Age sites that add depth to the evolution of the area.

The Pilanesberg occupies a ‘transitional zone’, from the dry Kalahari to the wetter Lowveld, and this unique overlap of climates results in a truly extraordinary diversity of plants and animals. Spot camel thorn trees overlapping with Cape chestnuts, springbok with impala and unbelievable birdlife soaring overhead. Photographers among you cannot miss the chance to explore this uniquely diverse zone for yourselves.

Conquer the rugged and eroded slopes of Thabayadiotso, the “Proud Mountain”, or stalk the banks of the Mankwe Dam for the plethora of wildlife that refuel there. Be dazzled by geographic marvels from rocky outcrops to wooded valleys, thorn thickets and grassland.

Operation Genesis, begun in 1979, saw threatened species reintroduced to the park area, and today you can spot a wealth of these animals in their protected habitat, including the famous Big 5. Spot giraffe, zebra, hippo and fearsome crocodiles, or take a night tour for the chance to capture footage of the elusive nocturnal cheetah and hyenas.

The Manyane complex offers self-guided walking trails as well as a walk-in aviary with a staggering 80 species of indigenous avians. Get a bird's-eye view of the area yourself, perched high in a hot air balloon as dawn unfolds in front of you. Roads in the area are excellent, allowing you to explore on self-guided tours or with one of the top-quality professional guides. Hides and picnic spots abound, offering you the chances to stretch your legs in the breathtaking scenery. A bountiful range of of accommodation in the area means there’s something for everyone, from avid campers to those who love all the luxury they can find.

Sun City, perhaps South Africa’s most famous and elaborate hotel-action adventure complex, also lies within the Pilanesberg area. Enjoy a day at the ‘beach’ with the thrills of the Valley of the Waves experience, or enjoy the casino, spas, golf course and live entertainment offered there. Nightlife is plentiful in closeby areas, so party animals have no fear of missing out of a busy social schedule.

Book your Pilanesberg adventure today, and explore the wealth of accommodation in the area offered through We assure you you won’t be be disappointed!

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