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Botswana is a land of wild beauty, stunning game reserves, subtropical wilderness and the barren splendour of the Kalahari desert.  The Okavango Delta is the world’s largest inland delta – the nearest coast to Botswana is 600km to the east in Mozambique!  The area of the Okavango Delta (approximately 15 000 square kilometres) is just slightly smaller than Israel and half the size of Switzerland.  The Makgadikgadi is the largest salt pan in the world.  Botswana is a generally dry country, although seasonal rain does green it up, especially around Makgadikgadi and the Okavango Delta. 

Roughly 80% of the country’s population lives in the eastern hardveld of Botswana, which is a wide strip of land running from the north at Ramokgwebane to the south at Ramatlabama.  This part of Botswana has a slightly higher and more reliable rainfall than the rest of the country.  The Kalahari Desert covers 84% of Botswana and in fact, extends far beyond Botswana’s western borders, covering substantial parts of South Africa, Namibia and Angola.  The Kalahari is however not a true desert – the earliest people to see the Kalahari described it as a thirstland. It is covered in vegetation such as stunted thorn and scrub bush, trees and grassland.